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flecheDDS is a leading manufacturer of global security solutions, based on advanced access control and alarm monitoring systems. Watch our company video presentation.


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flecheDDS has installed hundreds of thousands systems in more than 40 countries...






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flecheTake a look to the new DDS brochure! You can read it on-line, turning pages, zooming etc. It's very simple: click on the picture to read the brochure on-line!


Last News
fleche Spring vitality
With the spring arises a strong vitality around us. DDS is in tune with a fresh new company presentation, a green vision for the respect of the environment, achievements beyond limits...
fleche Year review
At the beginning of every year, we at DDS like to take a step back and remember the past year accomplishments.As we wind down 2013, we're excited to see what lies ahead for 2014 and presents you our best wishes for the New Year. readmore3

puzzle June 2013


fleche Latest developments
DDS presented the new developments at the European Partner Training in Geneva and in several training sessions in India. On the agenda were the V+, DDS new video platform, the new JET and SMART controllers and latest reader.readmore3


fleche More technologic partners

Here's some fresh news to brave the summer! We're glad to announce that the number of technologic partners continues to grow, as well as our software team...readmore3


fleche DDS 25th birthday

This newsletter is exclusively devoted to the Customer Forum organized at the occasion of DDS 25th anniversary, held on April 3-5, 2011. About 50 participants gathered, representing companies from 16 countries.readmore3

enews-012011 fleche Best of the year
This first newsletter of the 2011 starts with the best moment of DDS in...2010, and spotlights our Norwegian partners who visited us in Jerusalem. According to the responses we are getting, the large majority of our partners will be...


fleche New Amadeus Features
The last newsletter of 2010 brings with it interesting information about new Amadeus features, the latest integrations, the brand new support site which gives you easier access to assistance, the new multi-purpose DDS Terminal...